Amazing Make up Removal Soft Microfiber Towel

This is my amazing new  Make Up Removal Towel: 100% Satin Silk with Satin Silk edges Size 18cm x 40cm  Packaging one towel in a white glossy Box  Washable -Tumble

Silk Pillow Cases: Beauty Transformation Works while you Sleep

9  Reasons to own a Silk Pillow case Keep Face Healthy Helps your skin retain moisture Reduce chemical exposure Its Naturally hypoallergenic Silk can be beneficial for your skin and

Light Therapy (LED)

Light Therapy is a safe painless non invasive treatment using light of different wave lengths to stimulate natural processes to rejuvenate the skin and can be used for many different

Hand Enhancement IPL Treatment

Aging is a process that not only effects the face but the hands as well. Because our hands receive so much exposure it is one of the first place to

Decollete Brown Spots Sun Damage

Skin redness tiny veins and brown blotches develop on the skin as a result of aging, sun exposure and sun damage . Removal of the blotches give a more youthful appearance


WELCOME to your Skin Tightening Heaven .  Explore the wonderful world of Skin and Beauty in the Modern age with the help of your beloved Skin Tightening Sage. Wrinkles  everyone has

WOMEN AND HAIR 5 steps to progress

Hair growth concern, what do I do ,where do I start ! STEP 1 :   CONCERN: Heavy hair growth on women is not rare as people think Some women do have